She bought me a blue Monster Energy Drink?

I texted her this:

"I will never forget the day...

... that you bought me a Blue Monster energy drink!

Although I prefer green over light blue Monster energy drinks but it was a special Monster because you bought it for me. *sigh*"

What do ya think?


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  • Something tells me you aren't actually in your 30's.

    Uh, the text is fine.

    • If I was Robin Williams then everyone woulda laughed

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    • Nothing prepared me for his death, nothing.

    • If you were Robin Williams, I would hug him.

What Guys Said 2

  • If you have to ask about this it's probably not a good sign. It's a funny text and nice but it depends on the context. If this girl flirts with you or you are dating ect... it's fine. If not it'll come off as really creepy.

    • You're creepy

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    • My moms nice!

      She can be creepy though.

      I don't tell her that because it's disrespectful

    • My mom is creepy too. She's obsessed with making sandwiches

  • This obviously meant a great deal to you.


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