Is he confused about his feelings for me Orr?

So we had about a half of a year relationship and it was a really good relationship very loving, but he dumped me due to us drifting apart and feelings were lost, months went by and he flirted with many girls liked a couple not too many and over the summer he made out with a girl he does not have feelings for at all. All of a sudden his brothers girlfriend and a mutual friend all told me that he wanted to be on good terms with me but wasn't sure if he wanted to text me because he thought I was still angry with him over the break up. Well I texted him and he immediately asked me to be his friend, but we don't even talk like at all but I see him EVERYWHERE!! He constantly stares at me and whenever he sees me he gets excited and waves and smiles... I obviously still have feelings for him... But what's his deal? An ideas?
Okay so a mutual friend says he still likes me but he always stops responding to my texts... What does this mean?


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  • he doesn't mind you becoming his friends with benefits


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