Whyyyy would he do this?

So my bf and I of one year broke up last week because he was talking to girls on Facebook and I consider that cheating. Anyway, I was willing to work it out with him because I love him with all my heart. He texted me first on Friday saying I miss you I'm sorry and I will show you I really want you and will fight for you. So I was happy wrote him a heart felt message about how much I loved him and he never wrote back after that. On Saturday night I wrote him again saying he's not showing me he wants to be with me very well. Because he hadn't texted me anything after what I said on Friday. I wrote him a long message Saturday saying he needs to try harder or we can go our separate ways for good and he didn't reply. On Sunday I texted him good bye this is the last you'll here from me good luck I'm life. And no reply. Why would he not reply after saying he loved me and all this stuff that he wants only me and everything. I'm so emotionally confused and I have no idea why he would do this. Maybe he is just to much of a child to express his feelings and rather just ignore me. What do you guys thinks going on? It's killing me inside. And I know I shouldn't be the one asking to talk when he was the one who made the mistake.
He was talking to the very flirty and sexual by the way.


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  • You're insecurity is causing your own irrational behavior. No guy wants to ride that emotional roller coaster. Unless the discussion was sexual, talking to other people should never be a cause for breakup.

    Here a thought that will make you even crazier, maybe him and that girl from FB hooked up. He's forgotten all about your crazy.

    • Actually it was very sexual and flirty. So I'm not crazy.

    • He sold you a romantic dream of monogamy. Which is too bad, because he's probably busy with the girl from FB. You're his temporary safety net until he's sure that the FB girl is a better fit. Sounds like you expect him to put you on a pedestal. Though he'd rather go after the low hanging fruit.

      Don't expect a guy to "work" for your love. You're not a snowflake.

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  • You shouldn't have forgiven him immediately. now he know that whatever he does you will be there for him because u love him so much. i suggest you dont text him anymore and even he texts you unless he doesn't have a reylla good excuse dont bother texting him back. get over him he seems to need growing up


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  • That's why FB is called the cheaters site.
    It leads to nothing but trouble.
    Stay off it, and there will be better times


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