Ex in contact again (follow on from previous post from months ago)?

HI folks
My ex re-contacted me again last week asking how I am, asked about my father (which has cancer). She asked me do I have a special woman in my life. I replied no. I asked her if she had a special man in her life. She replied no. . She then told me later she had IVF and is having a baby in Jasnuary ( she has no partner). I congratulated her and gave her my mobile number if she ever needs to call me. She gave me hers. What do you think? This is what she sent me:
"No special man, just a very generous stranger who come January will have given me a very special boy instead."
Sorry, my previous post in was " Ex in contact after 5 years on Facebook": located in Relationships section


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  • Do NC and mve on!


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