Was I too hard on him?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend two weeks ago. We have been on and off for 6 and a half years.
He was my best friend and we had undeniable chemistry, but there's always drama floating over us.
I had broken up with him three times over time. It was because I wasn't strong enough to hold on to him at the time. He always forgave me and always came back to me, but every time I left him, he was totally crushed. When I left the last time, I left the state and went back home. I have depression and needed help. Last October, I got black out drunk and cheated on him. I felt horrible... absolutely horrible. I got checked out and I was fine and chose not to tell him. Later this year, I found out he was seeing other people and he had cheated on me. He's NEVER acted like that before and he told me that he wasn't being himself. This was the first time he had ever done anything wrong to me, and I left him again. I was very harsh and very cruel to him. I blocked his number and ailed him telling him to get over it and take care. I was furious, but do I really have a right to be? Was I too hard on him? He's been so patient and forgiving with me throughout our entire relationship with the exception of that situation. I don't know what to think.
I'd really like an honest opinion.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, the bottom line is that this is a terrible relationship. And, to be honest, it is most likely holding BOTH of you back from finding people that will better suit you. So, in the long run, you breaking up with him and blocking his number to try and keep things separate is the best move.

    You are not really too harsh on him for cheating, that's the reaction people have. You are very hypocritical for expressing that reaction, but it is understandable. Well, the 'harsh and cruel' may have been too much, but being furious seems natural.

    What you should be thinking is 'well... shit. Can't blame him, I suppose, but now let us both move on with our lives and avoid falling back into these destructive patterns.'
    Or something along those lines. You will undoubtedly have different phrasing than me.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think you both need to move on. This relationship is no longer healthy. Maybe first help yourself (if you still believe you need it).

    • Was I alittle too rough with him? Do you feel I drove him in the direction he went into?

    • No. You both did wrong. You cannot push someone they make their own decisions.

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