Is it normal to have sex after a break up?

I broke up with my sons dad..
Is it normal to want to have sex with my guy friend?
I feel so alone.. like if nobody wants me because I have a kid..


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  • Well you just want to feel some closeness and if that means having sex with your guy friend you would do it just to satisfy your loneliness


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  • Dont do it because what if you get back with your sons father then you have already blown it by sleeping with one of your other friends

    • That's what's stopping me...
      But I just can't see myself with him again he's no dad :/

    • Well wait it out and see give it some time

  • You don't want to make love with him, I think you just didn't find a can let you release libido. Advice or don't do it, I've had that experience, and his girlfriend broke up, his girlfriend and another man to fall in love she was to have sex with me, a few times I refused, because it prevented me and other girls, she let I think we could together. Afterwards just know is her boyfriend can't satisfy her, she didn't come to me. Well the relationship is not always on. Marriage is, received a happiness is won another chance of happiness. The charm of a woman is not in her if she had a child, is her heart, elaborate rich dress himself to himself a flavor of life, so naturally there will be a good man to come to you. China has the sentence is called: a good horse doesn't eat grass. My door to look straight ahead, to the distance.

  • Of course its normal to want to have sex with a guy friend


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