Will Scotland vote yes or no?

What is your opinion on the referendum happening in Britain now?
Do you think Scotland will stay or leave?
What do you think the pros and cons are of both possibilities?

I don't really know a lot about the whole situation so I want others opinions. There is no judgement from me here!

Thanks all!


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  • For GB's sake I hope they vote no, but isolated from a Scottish point of view it might be better, as they can still be member of the EU and Nato.

    As it is now, it's 50/50.


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  • It's far too close to call, the latest opinion poll puts NO slightly ahead. More female voters are undecided than male voters, and more female voters are voting NO than male so those remaining on the fence may fall on the NO side. I am voting NO myself, God help anyone in the UK if a YES vote wins

  • Far too close to call. Here's constantly up-to-date opinion polls: en.wikipedia.org/.../Opinion_polling_for_the_Scottish_independence_referendum,_2014

    • Both sides are trying to hype up the votes on their side though. The no side is saying people are too shy to be honest that they are voting no. Could be true. The yes side is saying that the opinion polls undercount the yes side because many yes voters are people who have never voted before and so opinion-polling organizations have no way to reach them. Also the yes side is saying that many undecideds will go with their gut and go for a positive message on voting day. Could also be true.

    • I see you're Irish. Who would have thought that Scotland would get closer to leaving the UK than Northern Ireland ever has? No one would have guessed this even 10 years ago. The universe can be pretty ironic sometimes!

    • Thanks for the link, and yeah I see the irony! But voicing and opinion on the situation in the north is still dangerous territory so im just going to keep my opinion on that to myself! xx

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