Should one be friends with his ex?

Hi All,
Recently I broke up with my college sweetheart. It was tough time for both of us (at least for me, it was), so we decided to be in touch but as a friend and be there for each other at times of need.

Now, I would like to ask you people, is it a good idea? Can one be friends with his ex?
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  • No. Matter of fact hell no. If you were in love that'll be very hard. Being there in the time of need, from an ex lover? That's like saying come hold me. It's not a good deal and it unhealthy for your heart. Either move on or be together!

    • That's what the problem is... we are not able to move on... and we have also closed the coming back option for each other... its totally mesh down here... and I am totally blank on how to handle things!!

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    • Frankly speaking... I really don't know what the hell I am up to? I have moved on or not? I want her back or not? Should I try once again to get her back? This relationship issues sucks!! Gaaawd!!
      And over all she has confused me even more. If I ask then she will say that we can't patch up but (since we are hanging out) she will keep holding my hand, winking at me and at times she even kisses me. She will get jealous if I get a text from my female colleagues etc etc. Its totally a deja-vu, as all these things used to happen when we have started dating. I really don't know what she is up to? Any idea about this behavior of her's?

      PS: From last one week we are having dinner together.

    • That's annoying... The situation of course. I say play it cool her actions determine what she's about. Dont be afraid to call her out on her actions!!

      Figure out what the hell you want because if you keep going on its going to take over your mind causing stress which causes high blood. Pressure in your heart!! If you want her SAY IT!! But she has to fix her ways of communication. If she doesn't want you the f her!! I would love for a man to be on a dating sight asking how he could repair our relationship !!

      Don't lose true to who you are!!

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  • She was your college sweetheart, if you stay friends... she will still occupy that place in your heart. Make space for someone new, heal your heart and then decide. Usually at that point, exes don't even want to anymore

  • Yes but not right after the breakup. You both need time to heal

  • If you're comfortable being friends with he it's fine. But after break up I always tell my ex to move on then we can be friends. Because if we become friends as soon after break up he will try to get back with me and he can't move on by doing that. I had ex bf who is one of my closest friend now.


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