Why dont people admit they messed up and that they miss you?

Why don’t people admit to you that they miss you? Why don’t people have reach out if they miss someone? I was at a pub last night and ran into an old friend. He said how my ex says he really misses me and I was the best girlfriend he ever had but he’s never reached out though? Why do people choose to just let it be instead of expressing their regrets? I mean, you might be taking a chance of rejection but least you can let the person know how you truly feel and made a mistake you wish you could take back. by the way break up was over a yr ago.


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  • Well I answered a question like this before, and its possible he doesn't want to lose want he would consider as progress, and what I mean by that is he doesn't want to feeling like he's going backward in life, while its weird Some guys think like this


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  • Honestly. Most people think a few months are too late.
    There are so many things that stop a guy from reaching out to you.
    One is his ego, he's probably scared you'll reject him, or worse, completely ignore him
    Then there's the fact that you might have moved on with someone new. If he doesn't know that you're 100% single, he's probably trying to avoid something awkward.
    Third, how the relationship ended. Whether someone cheated, you guys fought or whatever. If he thinks he hurt you immensely, he probably doesn't want to hurt you again. And if you hurt him, he doesn't want to get hurt again.
    Then there's practicality. Whether the relationship will ACTUALLY work this time round. It's one thing to reminiscence about a past relationship, but a totally different thing to get together with your partner one year later and try to work things out.

    If you guys still talk at all, why don't you bring it up? It sounds like you have feelings for him. And only you can do something to change this situation. He doesn't know you still feel the same, so he won't try..


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  • It tends to be guys who don't do that. They don't want to appear vulnerable.


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