Why would my ex contact me if she has a new boyfriend?

My ex of three years broke up with me after a surprised fight we had... We have been broken up for six months now... since the break up she noticed I change my life around new job new body new style but I moved away after the break up. We talked off and on after the break up... She called me a month ago and siad she was still in love with me but wanted to live and not wait she was gonna date some high school friend. Ever since she being more friendly with me call me 2 twice a week. Crying saying she didn't want to lose me... also that she in love with me but does think she can be with me So as of late i have been getting vm of her talking about things we shared like a dog and trips we took... So I get a call last night we talked for a hour and I explained that I know who her bf is... And that I can't do this fake friendship and that im in love with you. She siad she is still in love with me but doesn't want to be the ex that always comes back. So I went to NC... she knows that I'm moving back in a couple weeks so should I stay nc... What is she thinking? She siad she doesn't love her new bf but it's only been a month... She siad she compares him to me all the time... He short and I'm 6'6 if that means anything... Is just trying to make me jeolous because she siad she isn't over me? WHATS THE DEAL LADIES


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  • Well... this girl seems a bit 'off' to me. If she really loved you (as she says), she wouldn't be dating and probably banging another guy. It looks like she's just having you as a back-up, in case it doesn't work out with the other guy. This excuse of 'not being the ex who always comes back' has 'FAKE' written all over it. Isn't it obvious?


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