Is she trying to make me jealous?

Short background:
She got very stressed due to work and school. This caused her to lose feelings for me and she dumped me. It was very important to her that I stayed her friend, and she needed my support.
I have now given her around 2 weeks of No Contact, and we are slowly starting up contact.


Here is the question:
She has gotten very active on social media. Like very very active! Snapchat, instagram and facebook...

She is posting 2-8 updates every day with the only purpose of showing how happy she is, and how much she loves her friends (female), how great her day was with the greates people ect...

I feel like it is a bit to much, and some of my friends have even commented on it "what is going on with her".

Could she be trying to make me jealous?
Is she waitng for some reaction from me?


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  • she most probably wants to show you how great she feels, but not necessarily because she wants you back. Perhaps its a revenge for the NC.
    I would not show her, that you are "impressed" or realise it, it's just gonna caress her ego.

    • So... I should not pay attention to it, and when we talk I should not mention anything like "I can see you have been happy lately" or anything of this nature...

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    • And focus on my own awesome life :)

    • exactly :-)
      good luck!

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