Has anyone ever been in a relationship with a sociopath?

I'm pretty sure my ex was a sociopath because he had a lot of the characteristics just wanted to know how you dealt with that person


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  • Yes, it was very toxic. I started to see the first signs when, he would zone out when people around us would talk about sentimental subjects and he never liked to be touched in a loving way such as hugs or kisses from friends or family. He was also very manipulative and cruel a friend of ours caught him beating one of the puppies his wife adopted. When I confronted him about the alleged animal abuse he just shrugged and didn't even try to deny it, he was so blank faced and cold. The only times that he showed any kind of emotion was when he was trying get away with something or faking remorse he rarely laughed and only smiled when someone asked him to for photos. When I broke up with him, he robbed me by stealing my wallet and charging the limit on my credit cards and when I called him and confronted him about the the theft he said he did it to get my attention and I was lucky he didn't worse. A restraining order was issued and many cards were canceled but, in the midst of the nightmare I learned a valuable lesson, pay attention to your boyfriend's behavior in the beginning and trust your instincts or you could end paying big time.

  • Yes! It was awful! He had all different personalities! One minute he was so sweet and so nice and the next minute he was angry and mean. I looked up sociopath and he passed the test with flying colors. Get away from this person asap! They are extremely dangerous!


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