Love In The Modern World: The Break Up?

After six months, my partner and I decided to break up and be friends. Now, after three weeks, she usually calls me, I come over, and we have sex. I thought that maybe she was having second thoughts, but was too afraid to say anything. When I confront her to find out why she still sees me, she says she doesn't want to talk about it and avoids answering the question.

The fact is, being friends has not resolved our constant fighting. This weekend, she threw household items, slapped me in the face, and slammed doors, all because I was insistent about sharing my feelings and wanting to find out if she truly wants to stay with me. I have never seen her like this. When I got up to leave, she hung on to my arm, crying, asking me to stay. So I stayed.

As the weekend went on, she was very nice and we had a wonderful time. For a moment I thought maybe there was hope we would get back together. On the last day she started making threats about how other guys are interested in her and that "I better watch out". She admitted that she was joking, but this was not the first time and I told her that I am uncomfortable when she says these things. I told her that I expect respect from her, but she never reciprocates.

Through all this, she has yet to apologise...

Here is the problem. Before we broke up we decided to go to Hawaii. After we broke up, I recommended that it was best that we not go, yet she insisted and after all this, she still wants to go with me.

Girls and guys, I'm really confused about this one and I need your advice. I have not talked to her for the past several days and our flight is on Thursday.

I don't know if she is using me as emotional support or until someone else comes along?

Is she just going on the trip for a free ride?

Should I just keep distant and not hang out with her while we are there? (We are staying in the same room)

Your advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!


Most Helpful Guy

  • sounds like she is hanging on to you to go to Hawaii. Her behavior is unacceptable and you really need to get away from her. If the girl is throwing things and hitting you then something is not right there. Personally if someone hits me Im done. Once you let them get away with it it only gets worse. You should stop while you are ahead to avoid getting hurt more. Also save your money and to on vacation with someone who wants to be there with you, not just be there.


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