Is there anyway to *completely* forget about someone entirely, after you've moved on?

Don't know if "Break up" is the place. I've never had a girlfriend (least this last girl) but anyway...

I'm not talking about just pushing them to the back of your mind. I mean, completely forgetting. Almost forgetting they exist.

Basically, I fell head over heels for a good friend last year. Long story short, it was unrequited, she led me on, broke my heart three times, even after she told me she wanted to be with me (There's a lot more detail, but I'm trying to shorten as much as possible)

Anyway, that was last year. After I ended our friendship in March '14, I haven't seen her since. Never saw her again. From then to now, I met this absolutely amazing girl. She is so wonderful. I prefer her over my old friend easily, and we plan on dating. This new girl is amazing in her own unique way and is so much better than my friend. My friend (hesitate to call her that now) was selfish and fucked with my head (kind of unknowingly. I'll go into more detail if requested).

But that being said, despite how much I really truly care for this new girl, I still do think of my old friend. She's not technically an ex because we didn't date (we went on one, that doesn't equal "dating") but I was in love with her. For instance, I went to see her in a play by myself where she had one line last year. I saw that they are making a film based on the play. It really bothered seeing that and my friend asked me to go with him to see it. I politely denied, but I couldn't go see that. Hearing all the songs from the play and envisioning her again still stings.

What I'm getting at is that, despite how much I truly like this new girl, there are still some triggers that bother me relating to my ex-friend. Is there anyway to completely forget her? I'm confident in saying I'm moved on from her, but I want to forget her completely. It seems like just nostalgia, but I still want to forget. Is this type of thing normal for a real breakup between actual girl/boyfriends?
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I mean, I don't want think about her anymore. I'm not *dwelling* on her, but it's like I watch a TV show we both liked and I can't help but be reminded of her. Or the play example. Nothing dwelling, but it's there in the way back of my mind
Is there anyway to *completely* forget about someone entirely, after you've moved on?
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