Long-distanced online relationship broke up.. he still sent me happy birthday and some other words about the breakup.. what should I do?

My ex bf and I were in a long distanced online relationship for a period of time. Before, we were good, sweet and also looking forward to the future meet. However, things went wrong when he took his vacation in Thailand. We used to chat by an app called Line, but he used WhatsApp too.

His ex girlfriend was Thai who still lives in Thailand, so I got worried before he went there. He told me that he would not meet her and he would send me pics everyday. But unfortunately he didn't and he started to not answering my messages on Line. However, I found him using WhatsApp at the time I messaged me. That made me feel pretty upset. He told me that he was talking with his best friends and his brother. But why didn't he have time to give me a brief reply? His vacation was quite long and this kind of situation happened again and again. After tolerating it for a period of time, I asked for a break up.

He was so upset and he even cried during we talked through the app. He said he thought it was just the beginning of the relationship and I didn't even give him the chance to come to my country to meet me.(we are from different countries actually) This was a hard decision for me too but because of the insecurity in my heart, I insisted my decision so I deleted all his accounts in my phone and also his phone number.

We have broken up about half a month... and it was my bd.. he sent me happy birthday message and also talked to me a little about his feelings after the breakup.

I just didn't know whether he wanted to get back together or what... how can I make sure whether he wanted to get back together? Are there any signs or words that can give me some hints about getting back together? Do you think he just missed talking with me but not missing "me"?

Please give me some advice. How can I know whether he would like to get back together? Thanks.
Could some girls or guys answer me.. please...


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  • okay can i know that you are not looking a online relationship after a broke-up?

    • Yes... I think I'm not looking for one after this broke up. I want to meet in person and can truly know and get along with this person.

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    • Oh so you're not looking for the right person then

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