Ex boyfriend vs new boyfriend?

Me and my ex were together for 3 years and had a sudden break up over a fight. We lived together for 2/3 the three years. We have been broken up for 6 months now. About a month ago I she told me she still loves me and was still in love with me but wanted to date a high school friend. I was heartbroken and never wanted to talk her again. She called me 3 days later and cried and siad she didn't want to lose me and that she didn't want to be nothing to me. So I siad I would try to be her friend. She siad that she doesn't love her new boyfriend but she siad it's only been a month. I told her that I can't do the mindgames anymore. She told me that she cares about me but doesn't know if she can be with me. She also said that our true love doesn't fade. So I told her that I want to life which she said to me the day she was gonna date this new guy... She siad she felt like I was giving her to much power. She siad she doesn't have feelings for me anymore.. I said stop lying to your self. I siad I know your still in love with me... She siad "I am" but I don't want to be that girl that always goes back to her ex" so I told her I was gonna her space and to give me a call when she is ready to work on things at the moment I live in Cali she lives in ga. I told her I'm moving back to ga soon and we can make this work just give me a call when your ready? MY? Is nc a good way to help her figure out what she wants or should I keep being her friend and text each other every couple of days. I know without a doubt she still loves me but I don't wanna lose her for good... She very good at hidng her true feelings... She is attracted to super tall guy I'm 6'6 and her new guy is 5'6... We also talked about how much I changed and how she wants nothing more than to just let go of the old relationship and start a new one but she is scared?


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  • she sounds confused and it doesn't help you at all her being confused I don't know what she needs to be confused about break up with the new guy you don't like him she likes you more she's hurting him in the process by leading him on if she's doing that to him then she will do it again i feel she's playing the fence trying to keep you guys both in the picture cause if you don't like the new guy then break up with him instead she's putting you in her drama with her ex before you know it he's going off on you for something his girlfriend should be expressing to him i think ur right you should be straight up and direct u don't have games to play tell her that u do love her and care a lot about her but i ain't your toy you can play with I've been honest and would give you my all but i need you to be direct on how you feel and be honest by your ex and tell him the truth on how you feel because if you can't tell him the truth how am i ever gonna know your telling me the truth haha that could work because then she will end up breaking up with the guy by showing you how much she cares about you thats where im trying to get at

    • Well I am the ex if 3 years... Her new bf has been with her a month... i would like to know if I should go nc or stay friends?

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    • I would call her asker her to get back together and now she has a boyfriend and it kills me to be just her friend. She siAd that she still in love with me but she is scared to recommit to me and get hurt again... How can you have a bf and still love your ex?

    • i was like that and ik how she feels but usually the ex boyfriend has the better chance of getting back together with her compared to a guy she just dated it depends on how long you spent dating that person and the history you guys share together i wouldn't worry about the new boyfriend because he's already messing things up with her to where she isn't happy with him i just don't know why she won't just take you back instead of leading the guy she's dating she's wasting his time and hurting you in a lot of ways witch isn't fair to the both of you guys she may be afraid to hurt him

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