My ex girlfriend is confusing the hell out of me I need an opinion?

My ex and i were together for 2 years i love her still with all my heart. Recently we broke up 2 weeks ago maybe she still tells me she loves me and stuff but likes some other guy and tries to be with him. Every night she always wants to be in my arms etc im confused and not sure what to do or say. Thanks to who ever reads this and replies


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  • It sounds like she doesn't like either of you. She is just having fun and if one of you says no then she will go to the other. It also sounds like she enjoys the attention. Just confront her by asking her straight out. I have a feeling she will lie so consider if you see yourselves working out in the future or whether she will always be the same.

    If you think she will be the same it us recommended you drop it because all it will bring you is further heartache and trouble.


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  • Well she's an Ex for a reason. I would suggest not getting back with her or all those reasons will become apparent again.

    • Agreed!! She doesn't exudes genuiness and she seems selfish. Being in a relationship isn't about that.

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  • So she's trying to be with you and another guy? It sounds like one of you is going to be her back-up when the other one says no.


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