My boyfriend and I just broke up a few day's ago, and I sent him mean text, and I think that I made a huge mistake by doing so... What should I do?

Well, here's the whole story, we broke up let's say about a good 3 -4 day's ago. I wasn't easy, and then last night after I came back from his house to pick up what I left at his house a while back, I broke down in bed, and I started to get really mad, and then I started to think of that jar that he made me with all those beautiful things that I ever did for him, and then I texted him, telling him to break it, rip everthing, and burn it all, cause I never want to see it, even though I want to, but no, because it will bring back too many memories. I also wanted to say other mean things, but I stopped myself. Now, I just feel like a fool for saying that to him. I can only wonder what he must be thought about that, I can only imagine. I'm such a fool. After we broke up, he and I agreed that we should still continue being friends, and I am perfectly okay with that. But, do you think that he would still like to be friends with me after what I wrote him? I'm kind of scared, that he won't want to be? Help! Or will he just see it as a phase of grieving that I am going through? I'm so nervous! Help! Please!!
*I sent him a


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  • Just explain to him that you took it kind of hard but things are better now and you are sorry and that you would still love to be friends. it'll be ok :-)

    • Thank you. I sent him a text last night, hopefully he'll understand. He never wrote back, but it's okay. Thanks again :)

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