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I just got out of a relationship about 10 weeks ago.. The more I try to move on the worse I feel about it. I've gone on a few dates with a few lackluster women. I've committed myself to an awesome fitness plan which I know is helping me attract women, I'm just not into it.. I'd love the company of a woman, but I can't stop thinking about my ex girlfriend. She dumped me for some bullshit reasons and everything she said was wrong I fixed, but now she won't even speak to me. It's ridiculous how much I'm still attached. Trust me I'd like to move on. Just can't seem to.

How do I bury the obvious love I still have for my ex and try to continue on the road to becoming happier without her, when I want nothing more than to share the success I'm experiencing with her..


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  • You don't bury love. And you don't get over hurt. You learn to live with it. (Speaking from experience.) For now, concentrate not on finding another a relationship, but bettering yourself. Not for your future girlfriend, but for you. And that doesn't mean working out, going on a diet and becoming a super guru. it means getting to a place where you can look around and say to yourself, 'i'm okay. i like me.'


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