DREAMS ABOUT EX'S? anyone else?

i had a dream about my ex, first while in a long time.
the dream was about his work, i know he got a new job recently, and in the dream he told me where he worked, then he said goodbye and i ran after him and i was like 'that wasn't proper goodbye', then he kissed me and said 'see you tomorrow'.

what does this mean?


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  • Hello miss! I've read what you wrote i'll go straight to the point.
    Before all, you dream about your ex because you dont wanna admit the fact that between you two is over 'cause you still love him.
    what i wanna said to you is: sometimes we get in relationship with someone we love so much, but on the other end he/she isn't on the same level of love you're in, and that brings most of the time bubble of issues.
    For that you have to take time to make some introspection on how your relation with him was i mean how you both were involved. About your dream on my point of view, you want him back in your life you dont wanna let him go because you don't wanna accept the fact you broke up. i know it's hard sometimes to let the one we loved so much go, but you have to deal with that. There's not proper good bye in relationship when there's dis-equilibrated love between the two people. Cry if you want it will help you to drain away the pain you are holding and try to turn the page and forget about him positively because if you do it negatively you will holding pain which will always light up the love you had for him

    Have a good time...

    • but the thing is that i know that we won't get back together though

      am i ever going to find another man?

  • 1. Did you guys break up because he was all about work most time or that he didn't have a job (& refused to look for one) or was he giving too much time to something else that irked you?
    2. I need the reason fro your break up to understand this dream better :-)

    • He said with his new job it's too hard to handle uni work his mates and the job and me at the same time. He said he doesn't want to continue the relationship if he can't fully commit to me and don't want me to feel half committed I said what if we skyped if we can't see each other and he said that it won't feel like a relationship if you can't see each other in person

    • 1. He had clearly set his priorities when you guys were together even if the intent was noble
      2. Mates at work can be given up on even if not work and uni - this puts you in last or least priority
      3. This has obviously been thought of by you even if subconsciously and that'd hurt anyone
      4. Your dream describes what has transpired, how you feel about it and that he's kept you hanging on by saying 'see you tomorrow' OR that you are hoping he'll come back to you :-)
      5. Nothing wrong in thinking or dreaming that way, but my advise is get over it :-) Life's not fair but we must carry on :-)

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