Why ex gf acts like this?

2 months after clean breakup initiated by her with little to no contact, whenever I write to her an email, she acts cold or very nervous, blaming me for her emotional state (she was diagnosed with depression). I apologised to her for anything i could have done to her i had no idea about and she accepted my apologies at first but then again started to act very angry at me.

I want to mention that our relationship wasn't bad at all and the reason she gave me for breakup was that she lost attraction to me. She cried during the breakup. I almost immediately started to date and add woman on facebook, one in particular is very pretty but because I love her i didn't get intimate with them, just wanted to see if im still attractive.

Moreover, when i asked her about month ago to send me my stuff back that I left at her place or to call me so i can pick it up, she said she is at her parents house and will send it to me when she come back for university and that she won't be back at least until 10th of September and that she wants to end things between us for good and that there is another guy in her life (from different country and i know things didn't work out between them, he wasn't interested at all in meeting her and also she wasn't sure if he's the right one so she gave up). In the meantime, she told people how she hate me for everything i did to her (about which we didn't even talked about until 2 weeks after the breakup when she realized that apparently there were problems in our relationship).

I know that she came back a week ago to her apartmen and I still didn't receive my stuff. She told me to never contact her again after out last email conversation but i told her before that if i don't receive my stuff by the end of september, I would contact her again.

Why wouldn't she just send my things to me if she is that eager to end things between us?

I would want to get back with her and work on our problems we had and I want to know your opinion on this.


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  • If she doesn't give you your stuff, contact the police and have them meet you there so you can get it. After that, cut contact with her completely.

  • What kind of stuff is it?

    • some electronic stuff, not so expensive but useful and would have problem with replacement.

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    • But do you have any idea why she would act like wanting to cut all the ties, then postponing with sending stuff back? I do have her stuff too, but she never asked for it.

    • Because she's done with you and has no desire to speak to you any more.

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