Am I wasting my time.. someone please help?

So my ex and I have a weird whatever you wanna call it.. he wants us to be friends. He broke up with me.. he couldn't trust me..1 night he got jealous when i told him my ex bf started messaging me again.. he sighed and said "ugghh" than said i dnt care you can do whatever you want. I've tried to tell him let's make things work but he's said b4 I've hurt him too much and I cnt force people to think the way I want them to. However, we have hugged and kissed before but than at times he has said "i don't want to hurt you" it seems like when he feels we are getting close he says that.. out of all this what do you'll think? Please help with anything


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  • I have always found with an 'Ex' that an X Marks their hearts and find that because you both Break Up doesn't mean you can't Make Up as well.
    However, more than often it is a Friends with benefits factor, and with something like this, it gets Comfy and cozy and----Nothing More and nothing less... No birds of a feather who stick together at this time.
    He doesn't want to lead you on so this is why he reminds you not to wear your heart on your sleeve. He wants you in his life, but the minute things get too 'Close' for Comfort, he backs away, puts up his guard, remembers what he is Sticking to, and Doesn't-----Want to hurt you.
    It is what it is for now, sweetie. You can either stay in the game and hope things will change, or someday give him his walking papers, move on and find someone who may want more than a Friends in need nest.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for allowing me to lend a helping hand in the Break Up department... Wishing you well, God's blessings and have a great weekend... xxoo

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  • Yes. The minute you said "my ex and I" it's an immediate time waster. He is your ex for a reason. Move on and find someone else.

    • It's hard to move on when you really love them although exs are exs for a reason we planned on getting married before we broke up, he loved me so much but he feels I hurt him.. it's like he loves me but scared n I wish I cld make him realize I really do care about him more than he thinks

    • Doesn't matter. He's your ex now and there's nothing you can do. He may realize his mistake later, but putting your life in limbo over him isn't worth it.

    • :( I understand where your coming from

  • The man just wants to please his pecker (to be realistic). Find another guy who is completely faithful.

    • Why get jealous than if he has no feelings for me.. i really hurt him and dnt blame him for feeling mad at me I just wish he'd give me an opportunity.. it seems like he wld want to but he feels he cnt trust me

    • Ok, I might be confused. If by ex, you mean boyfriend, then at least there is some hope of making things work out again. But if by ex, you mean husband, then think about! If it didn't work out again how do you think it's gonna work out now? Anyway, in both cases, a relationship cannot be built on distrust. Men are more physically attracted and women are more emotionally attracted. It doesn't mean that men are not emotional beings. You ever wondered why a woman will stick with a guy even though he's a real pinhead? That's your answer right there. Break up with him once and for all and start afresh with someone new. Just remember not all guys are like that. So when you start a new relationship don't bring the baggage of the previous relationship into the new one.

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