What is the best right thing to do in this situation with your ex-girlfriend?

She's asking for us to be friends and at the same time she mentions that she's not seeing someone, and then how am important to her cause she feels that ill ignore her if i saw her, I guess thats said cause she knew some folks told me they saw her with someone kissing, maybe she wants to look good in my eyes, or waiting for some kind words to come out of me to make sure ill greet her if I see her by chance.

Honestly, I still love her so much but I've been hurt a lot since I knew her, and I want to get over with this.

I don't want to be a jerk to her, So should I... Reply to her by being straight forward that i don't want to be friends, that her personal life is not of my business and that am moving on with my life or whatever... or just not reply?

Some say its weakness not to reply.. and loose respect.


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  • You answered your own question. That's exactly how my ex felt. Let her know that I do deeply love you but you hurt me so bad I want to move on.
    You're tottally right you can't be friends with someone you love on that level, doesn't fully work. If she wants kind words give it to her. Treating her like she never existed is never a good deed, she was the person that you saw fit to rely on. but then again us girls are mushy so you have to get to the point and don't dwell on the love stuff?

    Goodluck !!!


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  • Best thing to do with an ex: Drop all contact and that's it. Period.


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  • She broke up with you and she hurt you. It's not your job to make her feel less uncomfortable when she runs into you. And, just because you are not friends doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. You can be friendly without being friends.

    Look to see if you are willing to be friends with her, or not. If you aren't willing, you aren't willing, and that's okay.

    If you feel you need to go no contact, you have the right to do that. It is not a sign of weakness to stay away from someone who hurt you.

    If you think responding to her message will give you some closure, that's okay, too.

    Look to see what you need in order to keep yourself from being upset, and do that.

  • I am a woman and my position is almost like yours.

    He kept hurting me since I knew him, though there was no cheating involved. After months of No Contact he is sneaking in my life and wanted to see me. I still love him but I can't be with him anymore...


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