Not quite sure what just happened?

So, my girlfriend of nearly 6 months just broke up with me. We are in our last year of high school. To be fair things between us have been getting dry for the last month and a half. I didn't think anything of it though cause she isn't the type of girl that really shows affection. However, when we text which is like day in and day out, she texts with relative response. her responses are more straight and to the point i guess you could say. when i tried to be, as she puts it, cheesy, she wouldn't reciprocate like she used too. even when we hung out last week i noticed she wasn't like how she usually was. she used to put her head on my shoulder when we would sit and we would cuddle. But when we hung out she simply had a gap between us and she sat opposing me. i saw these signs but i didn't think anything of it simply because i didn't want to acknowledge what i feared most; breaking up.

anyways, she broke up and her reason for it was because she said that she doesn't feel the same way like she did in the beginning. she said she spent a month thinking about it all. i don't understand what that means! like, i just don't understand how that really happened cause my feelings for her only grew. and it honestly sucks so much cause all i think about are the good times we had together. one of my friends suggested that because we have not seen each other all summer, that she may have lost her feelings cause of that. Our mutual friend told me that she told her that she doesn't know how she feels. I don't blame my now ex-girlfriend for anything, but it really is killing me.

we had this weird and special connection that brought us together and that stemmed from us having so many things in common. more than we had with anyone. i just care a lot about her and i feel like crap cause i feel like i lost the one person i cared about most.

sorry for my life story :P
but if any one has a similar story, please do tell. anything is appreciated. Thanks!


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  • She may have found someone else to better her interest. If your looking for a way to get her back than you need spice it up. Get her flowers do little surprises for. Get her an apology gift. No matter if you didn't do anything. Just apologize and see if you can rekindle that chemistry you had for each other

    • Well to be honest, I don't think she has found anyone else. I do want her back, and what you're suggesting are good ideas, but I think I'd do that if I broke up with her and realized the mistake I made. I have texted her about the matter and she genuinely said she lost feelings and she doesn't know why. It kinda just happened. I do wanna rekindle the fire with her, but correct me if I'm wrong; I think that it would happen if we go back to being friends and she feels that connection again.

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  • People just grow up and as they grow up their preferences change, and apparently her's changed


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  • I would not get attached to any girl until she shows more on her part she cares about you and you will know because that girl will always wanna talk and contact you i think the problem is guys get rejected they want the girl that rejected them but let go of the girls who actually care same with girls its weird but the truth i think you should take it slow and let go of your past with her she isn't the only girl out there and its the girls who want guys to notice them for who they are that are the good ones to have in your life looks won't matter when you get older because people change some change for the worst why others stay the same no matter how they look but u need a girl who is attach to you because those are the girls you won't half to impress or do big things to please them


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