Boys, stay or Go? Which would increase my chances?

Long time Bf broke up with me bc he doesn't know what he wants either than he wants to be single right now. Should I stay in his state to try to flirt my way back into his heart or move back? As a guy, would your ex sticking around seducing you make you want her again, or would her leaving do that more?


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  • Well my best advice is to move on. Don't play any of these games of "Oh I'm unsure what I want, I need time". That tells you right there you're not a priority.

    • Well duh... he's young... he is even second guessing his career right now

    • OK, so move on. When he gets his act straight, then find out where you stand. :) But don't wait in limbo for him.

    • Would "move forward" be a better word? Dont wanna give up on him yet, but I'm planning on focusing on me right now

  • When I say that to a girl i've found someone else. Staying around will let you sleep with him still.


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