Do you think he has a point when he says this?

My ex bf who broke up with me due to his insecurities has always seemed to be back and forth with me as far as how he feels about me. At times it feels like I have to go through the same heartache when he is uncertain therefore I've told him before I'm going to just walk away because it hurts to know i want more and he can't give it to me but he's told me "no if you love me as you say you do this should be more reason for you to stay" is this true? He's even told me be my friend I say what will that prove he said "that you are trustworthy" i feel he's really hurt and battles trying to bury his feelings but he cnt completely avoid them when we are alone together. When he makes the statement "if you love me" as above mentioned do you think he has a point? I don't know to walk away or continue to be there I'm so confused


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  • No he has no point. If he can't mKe the effort to go further in the relationship at this state then let him go. What about him loving you ! You shouldn't have to be the one to wait and wish for more.

    • Yeah your right... i guess I just feel guilty that I hurt him even tho it was never my intention he's told me his life and many people have failed him.. i told myself show him you'd never do that however without intention I did.. and it hurts that he judges me for something I never even did just his assumptions.. in my heart he still has feelings for me he's told me himself but he says he can forgive but not forget :(

    • One has to leave the past behind or never move forward.
      this is your life... he isn't going to forget... it may seem sad at first
      .. but for your sake.. I would suggest you move on.

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