How to break up sweetly without hurting him?

hey guys... i have a major prob
apparently i am like WANTING to break up because my bf is like so quirky and has a lot of attitude (his name is rk). Im in middle school, a lot of guys in my class have crushes on me (im serious, not boasting). now you'd be asking that why i fell in love with him... well, it was love at first sight and we were friends but i dont know how it turned into a relationship. I had another friend of mine (a boy) the day he had got a gf rk got jealous and made plans with his best friend to pro me because he knew i liked him. so he said me i love you and without thinking i bluted out i love you too like a total idiot... this day i came to know that he is a complete show off. He shows me off and boasts to everyone that he has got a gf and if this thing reaches to a teacher that students are being in a relationship we might be chewed out pretty BAD. I wanted him to stop but he doesn't listen. i still love him and he also loves me but i don't feel that i should be with him. he is handsome, strong and can love a girl to death. in a way i dont want to break up but i HAVE to please tell me some ways to tell him sweetly that i can't be in a relationship with you anymore (i dont wanna hurt him) if you listen the song "Unfaithful" by rihanna, you will get that at what postion i am at...
PLEASE help.. :((


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  • So you're in middle school and you already fell in love with a guy and you believe your teachers will give you crap if they find out you're in a relationship and you love him yet you want to break up with him well girl let me make this clear 'CLEARLY YOU DON'T LOVE HIM' Okay now that we actually answered that, now about your break up advice you're in middle school you're young so is he, there's no way of nicely breaking up with somebody ever. But you're both young he will get over it no problem especially since you guys don't actually know what love is or are in love yet.

    But if you want to dump him over him showing you off than just dump him there's no really nice way of doing it to someone besides not being rude is the best thing you can do. Try to explain you told him that this 'immature reason' to want to dump somebody is the reason you are dumping him because you have told him to stop doing it and he hasn't listened. You feel sorry and you still want to be friends and you think he's a amazing guy other than he shows you off too much... I can't even really go any further you're going to look back one day when you're older and wish more guys were showing you off and not wanting to dump them if they actually do it lol but yeah you're young you will both get over it, tell him be upfront and move on. There's no love there at all.


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  • There is no "painless" way to leave someone. There is only an honest way, or a dishonest way. You tell him exactly how you feel so that he can get closure sooner and more on faster. Or you don't, and he spends months trying to figure it out, possibly going through a few other girls trying to replace you with them. All the while wondering and hoping if there is still a chance to get you back because you never really told him why you left.


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