Why are guys assholes? Even after they break up with you, they come back and talk to you, even though they have other feelings for other girls?

It's become more and more complicated. But basically my ex boyfriend now left me for another girl... Then came back to me, but told me he still talks to her. I told him, I don't want him back unless he only has feelings for me. He said he talks to many people... whatever that means.

So I just told him say that you don't love me anymore, but he didn't and instead said, "yeah, I don't deserve you. you deserve better"

It's like we both want something from each other still... Even though I know I should move on, I still think of the possibilities with him.

If he still talks to this girl, and claims he talks to other girls, why does he talk to me. And if he can't just be with me, than why doesn't he just leave me and say he doesn't love me?


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  • -_- yea that's usually because they like to show "it was a mutual break up" showing that yea im a good guy and still am friends with my ex.
    I think he misses you a bit. Or that he's not getting enough attention from the other girl as he thought... and runs back to you a bit. Feels better that way. Even if you weren't in a relationship, lots of guys will text another platonic girlfriend just to get a response and feel good they can talk to a girl, not another guy


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  • He dumped you so you shouldn't even give him the time of day. Don't talk to him anymore and you should start dating other guys, guys who aren't players.
    Also, I'm a guy and I'm not an asshole (as far as I know).

  • I'm pretty sure not all guys are assholes


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