How long will it take me to get over him?

We weren't officially boyfriend and girlfriend but, we talked almost everyday for nearly 3 months. I won't get in to detail but, he says he really likes me but, I have some baggage he can't deal with. He also went off on a tangent about how he's still in love with his ex from 3 years ago.

Anyway, I feel like crap, I'm 20 and this is the first time I've really liked someone. Help...


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  • forget someone who you don't want to forget deep isnide isn't easy... some can do that easier then others


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  • With 'baggage to boot,' sweetie, and as hard as this is for you with this schmo from Idaho, there will be a few more who most likely Come through your door and the only thing they may want is Not a Commitment with you and your little one, but a roll and in the hay and to whisper sweet Nothings in your ear. So typical... No one wants to get involved. It never smells good in Denmark with guys like him.
    And with this Bozo, with an 'Ex' who he still feels his heart jumping through hoops for, it was an added piece of heart break, for on top of Everything else----You became a rebound as well.
    His excuses, although painful, truthful as they are, are Ones in which a lesson in love needs to be learned from: Don't be so quick to wear your heart on your sleeve and always, for the sake of someone even closer to your own 'Heart, Stay on guard with Any Tom, Dick and Harry that strolls in through your port hole.
    I'm sorry you feel like 'crap,' we have all gone through it one way or another. However, lick your wounds, Forget this pup, and just be grateful that it didn't go any further where you and your loved one would have been really in the doghouse, Licking more than One wound.
    Good luck. xx

    • Oh, I don't have any kids, it's something else. He does have a kid with his ex though.

    • I see, okay... Still, they are a priority... You will be just a rebound anyways.. Thanks for clearing that up... xx

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  • You remind me of a situation I was recently in with a girl. Unfortunately no one can say.


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  • what kinda baggage you got at 20? not being sarcastic either... but man forget him you dont want a dude thats in love with his ex that means she can have your man whenever she wants too.. and hell probably eventually either cheat on you with her or leave you for her... either way he didn't really like you that much if baggage is a reason to not deal with someone... i was dating a dude with 8 kids and 6 baby mommas and had a prison record... but he has changed his life around... i liked him so i wasn't carrying about his baggage and im 22... thats a lot to deal with for a 22 year old... but girl move on... he's lame.. or im just a type of person that doesn't care about baggage...

    • Like, I said, I don't want to get into explaining it but, he does have a kid himself with his ex , he said, he'd never have anything like the connection he had with his ex again. I'm really down in the dumps but, thanks.

    • girl, soon enough you'll be over him... one person can make you forget about another person... you'll meet a new guy soon one day that will capture your heart and you'll be over him... its gonna hurt your gonna be in pain feel like your world is crashing down on you , feel like your heart is a ball wanna cry... but its happens to us all... sounds like he has more baggage than you... you might have emotional baggage but everyone has baggaged hell i got emotional baggage... just try to occupy your time with fun stuff... get out the house more often even if its just for a run... i was so heart broken one time i would hate going to the store with my mom and when i did i would just sit in the car and feel like crying... there's so estimated time... its gonna run its course...

    • Thanks again.

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