Best Ways To Move on Like A Champ? (Tested)

For those who have been dumped regardless of whether you actually loved the person, cheated on the person, or just drifted apart and the sting of being the one dumped has left you feeling frustrated and stuck. What have been the best (combination of healthy and fast) ways you have let the memory of that relationship stop haunting your life?


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  • PRetty much have a friend \yell at me about how it is only memories she is just a memory she is not real.. your fantasy of who she was is not real move on bro its been a year.. that helped me and i play lots of sports and of course talking to other girls

    • You have a very wise bro.

    • He was tough on me =) but I know he is right =) I needed it. It is hard because I really loved this girl. talking to girls always helps.. I prefer to avoid sleeping with others.. that is using others to fill a void.. having genuine conversations with girls is great in my opinion

    • also it makes you think about them doing the same which is not fun. haven't had sex in 3 weeks dyingggggggggg

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  • Do things you enjoy, spend time with friends, be positive and don't get involved in any mudslinging or gossip. Likewise, don't turn to negative patterns or crutches that will only hurt you in the end. Stay strong dude!

  • Man, I'm moved by all these feels. Beaut'ful.

    Most of the time I'll just let myself indulge in a little self pity. You know, just enough to be a little nicer to myself, a little more patient. If you're prone to overthinking, like I am, activities that get you into the "flow" helps keep you in the moment instead of thinking of, say, some chick you used to d.. er. Date. For instance, I'll work on my art or my novel or my fitness. Me me me.

    Also, thinking about others more will distract you when you start feeling that itch to talk to someone and she pops up. Call a friend, a close family member and tell them you love them.

    Just find your own ways to turn the negative experience into a positive one, it really moves you forward.

    Also, time, music, good books/films, a good flirt, and a new pair of jeans. Or shoes.

    • lol a new pair of jeans... thank you this was a great response. i have been finding similar things the hardest thing is making the negative a positive thing and because your natural inclination is to wish things could have gone differently/fix things but to go from that mindset to i'm so f***** happy we broke up is harder said than done. But do-able. Good luck on the novel by the way i'm writing one too!

    • Well, not happy you broke up per se. For example, in my case I'd say to myself, "I was able to experience xyz because of this person, feel these emotions, and that was wonderful. I'm thankful for them, but we've outgrown each other for the time being. Though it hurts, I'll use this time as one of growth and reflection, and I'll concentrate on my relationship with myself, and love myself just a little extra until someone else earns that special pot again."
      Spiritual practices help tremendously as well. Meditation, prayer, whatever might help you feel that connected/whole feeling.
      Good luck on yours! I'll race you!

    • Gogogidget... could you please message me. Would like your opinions on some things? Thank You

  • I hope someone awnsers because im going through that at the moment


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  • Guys got it easy. Prostitutes is the #1 solution. For girls, its much harder. A girl needs a lot of support when dealing with a break up, or she'll commit suicide.

    From my experience, remedies and solutions (I know some of my friends have done this):

    Buy a prostitute
    Get drunk to the point where you throw up and cry
    Hangout at the church until a priest talks to you
    Parental advice
    Punch your wall and make as many holes and possible

  • What works best for me is whenever I think of the person I just camlu tell myself (in my head) move on it's over, sounds kind of stupid and simple but eventually you associate those two things and it helps tremendously. The first couple of days though I just binge watch chick flicks haha.

    • *camly*

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    • wow, that is the first time I heard a guy say they watch chick flicks to get over a break up. I thought that was just what girls did. Interesting!

    • Yea I know it's odd haha, can't lie that I like chick flicks, romantic comedies are great

  • Running till last breath, sometimes crying, getting close to GOD, spending more time with friends, contemporary or any form of dancing, smoking marijuana helped me a lot

    • i will never cry over that b****

    • lol dude no one wants to but trust me when u are in love with someone u just can't help it, and u have these moments when u go empty and completely lost, once i was staring at a plate while dinner for almost 30 minutes and i didn't even knew it

  • exist as though she is dead. move on, grateful i didn't have to pay for her cremation.


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