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when i was 17 i was in a bad relationship the guy older than me and my parents hated him and he was bad news... well a incident happended in which i was dumb and young and participated.. well we got arrested and they offered him time off if he gave me up as accessory , he refused because he loved me and i was a kid and they were gonna trial me as a adult and instead of getting 3 years he received 6 , me and him stayed in touch writing letters but i was forbid to go visit him because he was in out of state prison when i turned 21 i met a guy while i was in nursing school, long story short i stopped talking to my ex and began to grow up and move on... he has found out threw his brother that i have a boyfriend and he is actually going to be getting out at the end of this year... my parents are trying to send me away because he has sent me threating messages his brother and his friends even harrass and terrorize me.. how do i tell my new boyfriend? what do i do? everyone is saying i was wrong for abandoning a man that had took a wrap for me but i was a kid... im nothing like that anymore i am now a lvn...
im a girl i just accidentally picked the wrong gender


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  • wow.. uhmm i wouldn't say call the cops because he can still tell on you , especially if he has evidence and is still serving time... calling the cops would just make it worse... you really shouldn't get tied up with people like this because now he's taken a wrap and took 3 extra years for you and feels like he owns you... wouldn't you be mad if you took the wrap for someone and they blew you off afterwards like it was nothing... i suggest you move out the city or state or area because he was in prison for 6 years his life sat still and he's going to go back to what he knows when he gets out,,,, his brother , his friends... you... you were his girlfriend before he went in he expects for that when he gets out... as for your new man... tell him what happended... but you dont want him getting hurt either by this guys crazy posse.. you should of never started writting letters with him, you should of left then


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  • I'd call the cops, the statute of limitations is probably up or you've proben to have gotten yourself straight so they won't charge you. I'd go to the court house with your current boyfriend and get a restraining order. I'd also move as far away as possible.

  • I think he feels betrayed and bitter that you have let go of him. Regardless, it was his fault for associating with a minor and you should feel no guilt over moving on to a new relationship. Your parents are completely right to try to send you away to protect you. You should have a talk with your current boyfriend and explain the circumstances. Perhaps if your boyfriend/his parents/your parents confront your ex, he will stop bothering you. This is legal harassment and he could go back in jail if he tries to emotionally abuse you like this.

    Just remember that nothing is your fault. You were a kid and you made a mistake. That's precisely why you didn't get jail time, because the law recognises that minors are irresponsible. He was older and he should have known better. You don't have to feel like you owe him anything; he also participated in the incident and his actions backfired against himself.

  • He will probably follow you around forever, but don't be afraid of it, embrace it!

    • What did was the incident

    • i dont discuss the incident but it was enough to almost get me put away for 5 years, if he hadn't taken the wrap by himself...

    • You commented on your own question earlier as if you were another person. So anyways what happened I think you'll feel much better if you tell us about it.

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