Is breaking up an option?

Me and my boyfriend have been off and on since our freshman year of high school. We just started college together and it's been a full two years of a solid relationship (no breakups during that time).

Everything has technically been going good in our relationship; not a lot of fighting, we're hanging out, he treats me and my family well, everything that most would look for in a significant other.

It probably wouldn't make sense then that I'm complaining about our relationship. But lately, the last few months at most, I've been feeling like there might be bigger and better things for both of us. We're both 18 with bright futures ahead of us. I'm worried more than anything that because we've invested this time in our relationship, we're automatically assumed to get married and stay together forever.

But I'm not sure if that's what I want at the moment. He says he does, but I'm not too sure if even he realizes all the opportunities that still lay ahead of us. I'm scared I'm gonna be missing out on certain things because of the relationship.

Above all, the relationship doesn't feel like what it once was. The attraction is still there, but not nearly as strong. The compatibility is starting to feel like it's deterring. What makes it worse is that I'm the one who's feeling this way. He's constantly trying to make me happy and make things work out perfectly for us. But I feel that in a way, it's almost pushing me away even further.

I'm just not sure whether I should try and stick it through because of how well he treats me, or I should end it immediately. I also don't wanna just stick around because of the memories and time invested with him. But I don't wanna turn my back on something that could potentially be a great future for myself.

What should I do?


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  • It sounds like you're wanting to branch out and explore your options.
    Do that, if that's what you want.
    It's not fair, for either of you, to stay in a relationship only because you feel obligated to. You should want that relationship completely and it sounds like you just don't want it anymore.
    Maybe take a break, explore, date other people, see what you enjoy, live your life as a single girl, etc.
    You seem to want out of the relationship and it's only fair that you get out if that's what you want.
    No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't ALSO want the relationship.


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