Im not sure about this and I need people's honest opinions.. ESPECIALLY a Guy's perspective, thank you !?

5 months ago , things ended really sour with my ex and I after he was hiding things from me.. like the fact that he had started getting into contact with his ex of 2 years.. at this point we dated for almost a year. Anyways, i completely deleted him from everything but made the mistake of texting him a month after the break up , just kinda small talking. He didn't text back until a month later and at that point I just never really got back to him until yesterday in which I answered his text. He texted back with a couple of mins and we started to catch up , going back and forth with long texts of different topics. Everything seems like its just smooth sailing and he doesn't seemed bothered the least bit about us talking and him telling me about his summer , his family etc.
It almost confuses me lol
Is it possible we can be friends? Is that what he is gearing for? Because the more I speak with him , the more Im content with the idea of a solid friendship. Anything beyond that doesn't interest me. So what do you guys think?


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  • Stay away from him. A guy does not just randomly get in contact with an ex girlfriend for no reason he either wanted to hookup with her or get back together with her. Don't waste your time with this guy find someone else who wants to be with you.


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  • Avoid it, it's not really possible to just be friends with an ex.


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