Men? How do I get back my ex?

Do I stay busy and make him miss me? Because I have trying that and I think it works. I have been on dates with other guys and their nothing like him. I just can't get him out of head. I miss like crazy, we were together for 3 years and he broke up with me out of the blue. Any ideas?


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  • Be more available... contact him or see him. Tell him how much you miss him. Tell him you've had time to think. See if u can give it another shot. Other good comments below too.

    Guys are direct and literal. Remember you probably only have 1 shot at this so think about what he wants in a woman. Not how you think a woman should approach the guy. Put yourself in his shoes. How would he want to hear this? Then make a plan and go for it. Worst case scenario you are in the same boat you are in right now.
    Have confidence in yourself but be prepared for rejection... if not u have something to offer to the right guy.


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  • Sex is the quickest way unfortunately. Most guys would go back if the sex was good but you would have to move it on quickly so he understands you don't just want a FWB.

    • oh well we had sex after the break up and it was mind blowing for both of us... I want him to really want me and miss me

    • Then you must talk to him after the sex. Because if it's not what he wants you must move on or you will be unhappy for a long time.

  • If he broke it off the chance of getting back together is slim

  • What was the reason for break up?

    • He got into the nursing program and said he needed time for himself to focus on his study's. Plus he wasn't happy and became depressed

    • Then why do you want him to see more depressed?

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