He won't talk to me anymore? Broke up over something silly?

So my ex who was with me for 3 years broke up with me a month ago.

The reason :

I loved to hang out with him, but we didn't hang out as much and I was like please let's go do something this friday! :)

But he was all "No, learn to do things on your own."

Even though we didn't hang out for like 3 weeks?

So I did what he wanted, I didn't bother texting him for a whole week and hung out with my girlfriends. We were having fun :D

But then he texted me, he was angry that I didn't bother to ask how he was, now I will admit I was super angry so I purposely ignored him, so he said he was tired of my shit and said we were done.

We were always the type of couple who is on and off, but I was so hurt that he broke up with me and sent him a link to a song with lyrics saying "i don't love you anymore"

He was VERY hurt by this. He said he still loved me but after that he lost all his love for me.

I felt really dumb doing that, it was so messed up! I was just really upset...

So I kept trying to talk to him, literally begging, it was 3 years and we've been through a lot. He was totally the love of my life, but he's completely blocked me from everything.

My only means of contact with him would be to give him a visit to his house but I think that's a little too far.(stalkerish ew)

I don't know what to do, should I wait for him to cool down?
Will he ever want us to be back together again?

Or am I wasting precious time thinking about this?
I really love him.

Is it easy for a guy to get over a relationship of 3 years so easily?


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  • He might wake up and realize how badly he had fucked up? I know I did and it is wrecking me!!!


    • 13h

      1 Xper (36 to 45)
      How can I get back the best woman in the world? Please help!
      Trying to get the love of my life back, please help!
      broke up with girlfriend of 10 months out of fear. She took down all my walls and barriers that I had put up to keep from being hurtwith the love that she gave me and I got scared do to my past relationships. Has been communicating with her for two months having drinks and dinner things seem to be going great, now all of a sudden she seems to be getting distant. one moment she's hot one moment she's cold and I'm very confused as to what to do or how to approach the situation? we had what most would consider a perfect relationship no fighting no arguing very effortless to say the least. And I did not try to rekindle anythingbecause she's with somebody. She still not with anybody but I'm still very confused?

    • Aww I hope things get better for you :(

      I hope my ex would at least talk to me instead of just completely shut me out.

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  • If you two are on and off all the time then it's a problem. There's clearly something that drives you two apart after x amount of time so I can't help but wonder why waste your time further when it's clear that you two can't be very compatible if it's been 3 up and down years. W

    I think you should wait for him to cool down because as you say, he's blocked you from everything and that's pretty much a clear sign that he needs to be left alone right now to think. If you don't give him that time to think then you're going to screw things up and decrease any chances of success in the future too.

    No one can tell if he'll come back to you, but right now you two should take a break cause it sounds like the emotions are running a bit crazy on both of your sides.


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  • You seem like you've been through a lot. I think you should just leave it until he try's to get in contact with you. But if he doesn't then you know you both weren't meant to be.

    • Okay thank you. I feel really lost and sad. He means everything to me...

    • Yeah i know what you mean. Its an awful feeling not speaking or being to the one you wanna be with.

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