Keep thinking about my cheating ex with other girls, What can I do?

My ex cheated on me with at least two girls. Im sure there were probably more. I caught him texting and flirting with more girls. I can't stop thinking about him. Sometimes its thinking of him in a loving way, missing the guy that I thought he was and I have to remind myself that that guy probably doesn't even exist, that its all an act. Then for the majority of it I just keep getting images and thoughts of him sleeping with these others girls. Working his loving charm on them and being with them the way he was with me. My own mind is torturing me and i can't seem to stop it


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  • I'm a guy who doesn't believe it would be considered cheating if you wanted to hook up with a girl

  • The only thing you can do is move on to other things (preferably not other men until you're over it.)

    My first serious girlfriend and I went a year, much of which we talked about wanting to get married. She started fooling around somewhere in there because we were waiting until marriage and she changed her mind. She left me for the guy she lost her virginity to during that time, and four years later I'm still emotionally poisoned.

    • I feel your pain

    • its literal torture because you can't physically get away from it and even though its easy to say do something to take your mind off it I can't seem to do that. One week i feel i have finally conquered it then the next week i feel right back at square one. Completely used and made biggest fool of and all i want to do is text him and remind him of the hurt he has caused

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