My ex-boyfriend is an a***ole but I have to see him every day. Should I forgive him?

Basically, yesterday my ex-boyfriend broke up with me over text at one am... I was really sad at first. But I realised that him ignoring me and never wanting to meet and never answering my texts was a sign. However he broke up with me in the most brutal way, he was really blunt and he said do you expect me to feel sorry for you, give you my pity? And I was getting angry and sad at that moment and I thought 5 months and suddenly he just does this? He says we've become distant and i explained that I tried to speak to him but he didn't ever reply or he responded really bluntly which made me not want to speak to him. Anyway after he upset me and refused to meet me so we could sort this out I just gave up and said that I feel sorry for any girl who has to go out with you. And after all that- he said do you remember vosa and sim? -lots of love vosa and sim. ( which are his computer friends) Which I implied as him just copying what his computer friends were telling him to say. And I just didn't reply because I thought wow- you've taken this to a new level. Basically should I hate him for this or should I wait until he apologises?


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  • He broke up with you by text at 1 am. Me I would forget about him. Don't wait for an apology it won't come.


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  • Why would him apologising make it better? He sounds like a dick, well shot of him.


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