What are the chances of an ex coming back to you?

So I broke up with my bf and we've been together for 2 years but I really didn't want to broke up with him cos I love him too much.. But he asked me for space almost 3 months ago now and I couldn't see any good changes while on this space so I decided to broke up with him cos I couldn't be in the situation any longer it was hurting me a lot the fact that he was just living his life normally and barely talking to me.. But I hope this brake up will make him think about our good time together..
When we broke up he said it was sad for him too but that he agreed and that it would be a good chance for us to stay apart and maybe the future will lead us back together.. And he also said he still have feelings for me and he want us to keep in touch but I don't know what to think I really want him on my life.. I'm doing the NC rule until he contacts me..


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  • I'm currently trying to get the love of my life back... and I'm the one that broke up with her over fear. She took down all my walls and barriers that I had put up to keep from being hurt with lightning speed due to the amount of love she gave me. So I got scared, worst decision of my life to say the least!!!
    If he truly loves you he will be back I promise, but you have to communicate or it will never last this I promise you... I only pray that I get a second chance with the love of my life? :(


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  • He asked for space, but you couldn't be with him during that because it was hurting you, so you broke up with him in the hopes that you two will get back together at some point.
    Do I have that right?

    Well, this is definitely a tough situation, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this and are hurting.
    At this point, because HE asked for space, it sounds like the break up was a good idea, and it seems like that's basically what he wanted as well. If that's the case, there really is nothing to do except live your life and try living it to the fullest. Try to keep yourself busy, surrounded with good people, try moving on as best you can, basically.

    Did he say WHY he wanted space?


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