Why did he broke up with me, anyone explain?

Sorry for this idiotic question but I don't know what to think, I need someone else's opinion, I'm going crazy...

My boyfriend has broke up with me. I was just laying with him in bed, I just woke up... He looked at me and simply said 'I don't love you, I think we should break up'. I was in a big shock...

The thing is, we starred dating 3 months ago. We had no fights, we had same hobbies, we even hung out in same companies. He always said that I'm the best thing in his life, he even said he loved me. He gave me gifts (so did I), once he drove to another city miles away just to see me... he always said he misses me, we have seen each other almost every day, every weekend we would meet at his place and have a sleepover... I just can't believe that this all was a lie... Then why did he do all that stuff?
Or is it that he now lies?

I'm so lost and heartbroken, I don't even know what to think...


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  • Me thinks he was just in it for the sex.

    Assuming you had sex. And if you didn't, then he realized you weren't putting out fast enough and was sick of waiting.

    • That's what my cousin said me before I started dating him, ehhh... But I didn't believe that even later cuz he always said that he wants serious relationships (he's 5 years older), family, etc...

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    • In his previous relationships he had women cheating on him. He dated one girl for 7 years... Maybe I was too naive to think that such guy couldn't use me for sex...

    • Yeah, that sucks.

  • Wow. So unexpected was he giving any signs? Was he being kind of cold towards you? Simply saying "I don't love you" just doesn't make any sense. You should sit down with him and ask him to explain.. At least he owes you that much. You may be heartbroken now but I'm sure as time goes by he will just be another memory. I don't know you but I'm sure you're a nice girl who can find another guy that will treat you right and love you for you. There are plenty more fishes in the sea! You just gotta find the right one!

    • He seemed a bit depressed that week but we still were joking how we're gonna build snowmen this winter... It's just so stupid, like we had many plans for future etc etc.. I just wanna know why :(

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