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Me and my ex of 3 years broke up when we where both madly in love due to a bad fight that happened... I chased her the whole break up until about a month ago when she called me and told me she was dating... So since she began dating she has start to communicate more often and opening up more... i asked if she still love me? She SIAD she didn't want to admit that? I asked what she wanted from me and to not Playmind games she SIAD " I care about someone"me" I dont think she can be with?" I asked why she SIAD "idk"? So confused


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  • I think she simply can't make up her mind. It could also be that such a ling relationship, could ether scare her away as being too serious or nor serious enough. What guys often forget is that a woman's base instinct is to. build a family. And maybe she was expecting more after 3 years...

  • She may be confused about how she feels, especially if she is dating. She may need some time to think about what is more important to her. If she isn't being straight forward with her answers, she is playing mind games.


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