Ex Boyfriend's Behavior is Confusing?

My ex broke up with me in April, vowing that I was "still special" to him and that we'd be friends. But in the months that have followed we have fought a few times, him saying things that have hurt me. I told him how hurt I was about what he had said and yet he didn't feel the need to apologize. After our last argument I didn't contact him for 3 weeks and then sent him a text on his birthday which sort of got us talking again but we haven't discussed any serious feelings since. Recently I'll send him messages and he'll reply with superficial conversations or sometimes straight up ignore me. He hasn't been the first to make contact during this time until recently, when he has sent me snapchats and inciting a conversation on his own accord. I am confused as it is with my feelings, whether I do really still love him or who he used to be, whether he is the same person or not etc etc. His behavior isn't helping at all and I just wish I knew what he wants with all of sudden seeking to talk to me again.


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  • He clearly has no idea what he wants. There's no reason for you to be fighting so much, you aren't even together.

    It seems like you both want to force some kind of relationship, like your obligated to remain friends. The reason you probably still love him is because he never really got out of your life. I think, for any breakup really, it's best to not talk for a while. And I mean a while. Not a couple of weeks or whatever. You both need to move on with your lives. It won't help either of you get over it.

    Tell him straight up that you don't want to talk for a while and trying to be friends isn't working for you. It'll help you move on. If he continues to contact you, be strong and ignore him


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  • He is obviously not mature enough for a relationship. Think of it like this, if he hurt your feelings and didn't feel the need to apologize, do you think this will get better if you stay and take it to the next level? He has some growing up to do and you need to find someone who understands how special you are.

  • Try to have a grown up conversation, i m going through the same thing now, and when that other person is to childish to talk to you, then go no contact... dont ignore each other but dont participate in childish games


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