It's been a long time but why?

My first relationship was with a guy in highscool and i loved and trusted him a looot ! but he betrayed me in many ways and it left me broken.
It's been 3 years now and it still has an affect on my life and relationships , i feel stuck , i don't love him nor do i care for him anymore and do not want to get back with him. why am i still like this? what can i do to get passed it?


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  • First, it's alright to still feel hurt. The more you put into the relationship, the harder and longer time afterwards. Here's a couple of things that could ease your transition from this current state into a much happier and better one:

    - Get rid of anything related to him. Any possessions, pictures, etc. You don't want to trigger memories.
    - Same goes for any online stuff. Unfriend, unfollow, etc.
    - Go out and have fun! Find things to occupy your time, that make you happy, that interest you!
    - Be aware that your feelings are not only perfectly normal, but also temporary. You have your whole life ahead of you, so find comfort in that fact that so many wonderful experiences are there for the taking!


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  • Yes you can, best is to find comfort in the arms of someone who truly carrs for you.


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