Why would he text after being broken up for so long?

To keep a very long story short-ish, I was with a man I loved very much for about 3 years. We were long distance with many future plans and I was in college at the time. We ended up breaking up, mostly due to my own issues and it was rather abrupt and still feels unresolved. Anyway, I had a rebound relationship that lasted quite a while (little over a year). My ex also started dating someone else at about the same time I did. Here we are, now a year and a half later. I'm no longer with my boyfriend, but my ex is still with his girlfriend. My ex texted me out of the blue recently, with almost a nostalgic message. I was so surprised and excited yet scared as hell. It took me awhile to answer. I think his text was due to drinking, and we also still live on opposite sides of the country, but this hasn't happened in almost the two years that we have been broken up. We did end up texting some back and forth a little. My question is, and maybe I'm blind or maybe I'm being overactive... But why did he text me? Does he still care? The fact that we have talked back and forth some, is he just being civil? If he wanted nothing to do with me, he wouldn't answer, right? Not real experienced with this stuff.

I'm trying to not be a complete homewrecker to text him. I've grown up in so many ways since we have been apart that I'm just trying to dissect this... And of course wish that I could be with him now being a more adult version of myself. Thoughts please.


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  • In guy speak he's "weighing his options." He liked you, he knows you probably think about him still. You're easy. Best bet for you is to avoid texting back. Move onward and upward and save yourself from the drama.


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