Is my ex only trying to get back out of jealousy?

My ex broke up with me and still wanted to be friends. Now I feel like I've moved on more and started to make a few guy friends. One guy friend I rode bikes with and watched a movie at his house yesterday. My ex called me on my way back home and I told him I am driving back from a friends and he could sense that if was a guy friend. Today he all of a sudden decided he wants to start talking again.


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  • Yeah it sounds like he maybe unsure if he's still interested or maybe possessive over you. If it took that to get him interested it's probably not a good sign for how he feels imo. He may just feel a little unsure which is normal, because he may feel like there would be no going back. That's my thoughts.

  • I think its a case of he's either jealous of you getting attention from someone else other than him or its a case of he's trying to get back with you because its a comfort zone... Break ups suck I know and as a guy its very difficult to find someone and start all over with flirting and getting to know the person from the start. I don't know how long you guys been dating but from a guys point of view just maybe talk to him and tell him your side as-well as hearing his side. No harm in trying again I suppose. how ever if you don't wanna get back then just be honest


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