How long is it normal for you to realize the relationship is not going to work? Please help?

My ex bf and I have been broken up for about 3mths already. However, he seems to be uncertain of what he really wants. My? Is how long do you think a person should take before they move on. I love him so much but he broke up with me and we still have feelings for each other but for some reason he still is scared or hurt to get back with me. The fact we see each other on a weekly basis is hat makes it harder to understand he works with me


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  • decent guy perhaps there's something he couldnt stand if u want to know ask him y he left u... i recommend moving on as its difficult for both of u to try and remain friends after... but if he's that special and he's worth all the pain then lrn to get along w/o feeling all the bullshit...


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  • break off all communication for at least a month. If he calls, text, fb messages, etc... don't respond. It will make him reevaluate his attitude towards you (that's what my ex did to me)


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