My ex told me to f**k off and that I'm a crazy bitch on my birthday!!!

Ever since we broke up 5 weeks ago I've only seen him twice but he called nearly everyday. Mostly at night but not to see me. It was generally to check up on me to see if I was out or with some guy. I don't get why he didn't wanna see me. We broke up through lack of trust cuz I lied about something to do with my past and in those 5 weeks post breakup, he has accused me time and time again that he thinks I'm sleeping with someone else calling me a slut and tramp. I haven't but I have been the one who is texting saying I want to meet up and I want to rectify everything, he said he missed me but then he's always busy when I wanna see him. He knows I love him. sometimes I would send a sweet message then when he didn't reply I would send an angry one. I couldn't control myself cuz he made me so sad. The last 5 weeks I have seen him twice. And then it was my birthday a few days ago, I wanted to see him and he was beating around the bush avoiding coming even when he said he might so I got angry and then he called me a crazy bitch and told me not to call him again. That was 2 days ago... I don't know what to do. I will move on but I'm sad. What do u think is on his mind... I know I have to back off now.


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  • Happy bday!!! :)
    He's a psycho, seriously. Read your question here and then ask yourself, why? Why would you even want to go out with a guy like him? He doesn't deserve you. So move on you've done enough.

    • Thank you. You're right. But why do u think he didn't want to see me in those 5 weeks. Just twice I seen him? I haven't slept with anyone else. He said he didn't want to catch anything from me? Do u think he was sleeping with others?

    • Cause he doesn't like you anymore.
      When I fell in love with my girfriend I wanted to spend my every second with her. And she was the same. We do everything together.
      That's a possibility, maybe he's cheating and blaming you... Cause he doesn't want you to get suspicious, get it?
      Jealous people are sick they never get any better. Find yourself a real man.

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  • He's nuts and he is playing with your head, causing you to ask questions about your behavior when he is the one with the head problems. This is how manipulative and abusive persons behave, treating others badly and leading them to think that they are the problem. You are kind of hooked on this guy, but count your blessings and stay away from him. You don't want someone in your life who treats you badly and makes serious accusations. Back away. Good riddance. You deserve better.

  • It takes two to tango. I'm not going to give you sympathy from half a story nor do you need validation for your emotions as well. Want to know if others will think he's crazy and instead of just playing crying shoulder than tell us what was it that he broke up with you about; it was something you did, you admitted to that. You says he's been avoiding contact with you letting you explain yourself yet twice and in you're post you said you two meet twice in person. He complain that he's been calling and texting you everyday though you've been communicating back, nor have you specified who contacted who first. You haven't asked a question so what was this for? Because from the way you described the situation makes me think you've gone out of your way to paint him in a bad light while avoiding any and all responsibility yourself.


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