When you were with a girl for years, how do you get over it?

After you've spent years with a girl and loved her and raised a kid together, with the kid wondering why you don't want to be his dad anymore.. how do you move on?
I seem to have been mistaken... I did not at all want to leave that kid. He asked that after we broke up


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  • It would be hard, zaclark, because no matter where you would go, who you would be with, your conscientious would Get the best of you. How would you even sleep at nite?
    You are Here asking questions, needing some answers, maybe even wanting someone to tell you: "Okay, just move on, no contact, dude."
    No, I am not going to say that, however, I will say This: If you do not wish to be in a relationship with Her, at least make some arrangements to be There for 'a kid' you have Both bonded with and nursed and nurtured Together.
    It's like a plant you start growing from the root Up and one day you just decide to let it go... What happens? It dies because you just wake up one morning and throw your hands in the air and say: I don't want to do this no more, it takes too much time, I don't want to be obligated, I am going to let it go...
    Same thing with your kid. He will always believe that no matter 'Where you go, who you might be with,' You will be his 'Dad' and always will be. He may resent you as time goes on for leaving, and if someday you would want to return to his life, the bough would have been broken, along with his heart.
    By that by then would be the One thing you would have to understand right here and now----Once you move on, making a life for yourself, he will most likely never forgive Nor forget you for as long as he lives.
    Good luck, God bless. x

  • I can understand breaking up with a girl, but break up with your own kid?

    • I raised her kid for 3 years... he wasn't mine.. we just all lived like he was

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    • we're so far off. He was the worst part because he was the hardest thing to let go of... I loved her son and being his dad

    • I'm sorry. I guess that is harsh, not being able to take him with you because you're not his biological dad and cannot prove she's a horrible mother.

      If you've spent years having a loving family, you may never be able to move on until you have a new family.. unless you absolutely despised it and wanted a single's life.

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