Why would my ex bf, who is currently my friend with benefits want to get back together?

My ex bf dumped me in April after 5 years together. Since about mid May we've been FWB. It was his idea ofcourse to be FWB. But we've stayed on good terms. He does still seem to care about me as he still has pictures of me on his Facebook and we're both still single. The other day he randomly told me to try to find work here and that if I did stay (I've been planning on possibly moving), and find work here we could find a place, live together and get back together. I was pretty surprised by this. The sex is pretty amazing but I thought he would never want to get back together since friends with benefits was his idea. Anyway ever since he asked me that, he's been making an extra effort to talk to me on Facebook and it's not sex related at all. Actually he hasn't called me up to get it on and we haven't done it since that conversation. Does this mean that the friends with benefits situation is over? I'm pretty confused.


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  • Just beware of his intentions.


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  • No hell no. Let's have some respect for ourselves. If someone offers you to just be f buddies... Period they lack an a mount of respect for you. Like said before beware of his intentions. If you like just having sex than so be it but he's an ex for a reason... Good luck love !!


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  • wow.. i'm impressed you actually accept his offer to be friends with benefits.
    i mean, that guy dumped you after FIVE YEARS, just like that. so obviously he was tired of you, but since he didn't get any other pussy, he kept you at least for the sex part. shows that he has zero respect left for you.
    but its up to you, just ask yourself and especially him, WHY, he would want to get back?

  • Well if you were with him for 5 years and he was quick to say let's be friends with benefits and now you have the chance to leave and possibly have a better opportunity think about how quick he might be to change his mind if you were to stay. Just be wary of fickle people.


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