A broken heart, Justice there?

So my boyfriend of 1.5 years and I mutually ended our relation because our parents just couldn't agree to our marriage. We tried for 9 months and it became more messier between them. And so, I miss him, So badly. I keep picking my phone to call him and I know he misses me too but we both know we'll lose shreds of strength we might just have in us,

I don't know whether to blame my parents or myself for falling him, because they just won't listen to me.

Feeling the stump.


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  • What was the issue as to why your parents wouldn't agree to the marriage? different races, religions, planets? There has to be a big reason why. If he makes you happy and you two can make things work why would they stop that?

    • He belongs to business family, mine has doctors and engineers ( see the "education difference" Here?)
      That's the issue.

      Edgy, I know but I've have gone all ways to fight with them :(

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    • Yes education is the only reason. My parents think that they're not that "literate" as ours is. But they are well established. We've got a bright future, he earns well and I'm in my final year of uni and he even said I want you to achieve more. Even his father said that.
      But my parents are just ignoring that this "proposal" ever happened. So defeated :(

    • If you two can make it together then you need to show that to your parents. I know that Middle Eastern, Pakistani and Indian cultures are really weird about castes and stuff. More so Pakistani and Indian than Middle Eastern.
      If you want to marry this guy you can go do it, though Im not sure how that will go with your parents long run. However if you two want this then the two of you need to fight this together, else it will only be you, and your parents will treat you like a child about it.
      What are you studying?

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  • The way I see it, to make this short and sweet, is you and your Ex are Over 18 who fell in love with one another, Not Marrying---------Meet the parents. It's none of their business who you Both decide on, Who you want to spend eternity with, and if you Both were smarter in the beginning of Their Bogus Beguine, you would have showed Both sides what I call Tough Love, putting your foot down, telling them straight out That: I'm sorry you all feel this way, but if you don't like it, then give us a call when you finally can---Accept it...
    With a little of The Cut and Dry Carrot that you may have had to dangle over their noses, would show them all who was Big boss in your own lives, who is Straw boss in charge, and that there are two New sheriff's in town who Refuse to bow down to their Demeaning Demands.
    Believe me, eventually when the smoke would have cleared, they would have come to their senses, wanting you both back in the saddle of their lives again, and somehow a family reunion most likely would have transpired, with everything blowing over.
    Go ahead, it's your life, make the call you so bad want to make. Have a long serious soul mate talk with him. Put this to bed and make up your own Mature minds that you are marrying one another, not the----Fockers.
    If you stand for this with them, then you will surely stoop to whatever poop they decide to throw your way in the future. Don't fall for it. They want to take you by the reins, pulling you in their direction. Let them know your weather vain has changed for-----Sunny skies now.
    With all of this, This will make you stronger And----Wise as an old owl...
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • Haha I have fallen for the metaphors and wit in it, lifted my spirits, thanks so much :) And yes I'll the make call I so badly want to.

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    • Yes thankyou! Xx
      My friends said to talk to your parents again because it's not over until I give up. I have my exams right now so I'm planning to do them after they've been dealt with. Wish me luck! :) xxoo

    • Good deal, Good luck Again, God bless Always, sweetie... And of course with the exams... However, your biggest text is waiting at the end of---The exams...:)) xxoo

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  • Wow i guess your parents dont want you happy? Have explained how much he means to you?

    • Yes they do know but he being a business class family and me belonging to docs and engineers, they think his "uneducated" family can never get along with ours.

      That hurts me. A lot.

  • they should come up with a better reason, something is missing here.


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  • Well, life is full of unexpected surprises. You wouldn't have known this ever happened to you. But it happened. Don't blame yourself. You can't turn on and off your emotions. And we can't choose who we like.
    I don't know what the real problem is. But it seems like serious issue. I say, never give up and don't forget to be hopeful. You and your ex needs to work on. Nothing is impossible. If your ex is a decent guy, your family will accept him no matter what. I have lots of friends sharing the same situation like you. But they were succeeded to pass through it. Be open to your family, let them know your ex, little by little. These things need time.
    Good luck, be hopeful and positive.

    • Yes I'm still hopeful, and I know what's in for me will never miss me. Still, I hope it's him because I know he's a decent loving guy, even when my parents don't.

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