Did your ex came back after breaking up with you but they still left a few things and took some of yours?

Ill cut to the chase.

My ex broke up with me almost three months ago and we have been in no contact for one month. We only talked business and i would slip up and let her know how i feel.

We dated over a year and we lived together most of that time.

Since we broke up she took forever to move out, making excuses for not getting it done, she would move once a week and took very few things. I had to keep reminding her that she had stuff left over when she thought that she didnt.

She eventually left a few things, her cat and took some of my stuff. I also kicked her off my insurance and had her change her mailing address. Since we last talked she has not offered to exchange anything, hasn't changed her address and the insurance told me she changed to her new address but switched back to mine.

Everytime i asked her to take care of this stuff she gets mad. What does all of this mean?

Has anyones ex ever done this and attempted to come back to you? Or are you still stuck in limbo and they haven't offered anything?
This question was worded poorly, i meant to phrase it the other way.


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  • Soooo if she's taking her time that means she still loves and cares. The answer definitely lies in your explanation. You do all of this but wouldn't mind getting back with her... Doesn't make any sense (no offense) you guys are in unnecessary drama. And maybe sometime apart is definitely what you guys need !!

    • yeah i feel like things got overwhelming for both of us and she definitely is a little immature and didn't handle things the best, neither did i.

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    • she wasn't paying me for her end

    • In the other comment you said you wouldn't mind seeing her again yet you guys treated each so bad

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  • Why do you even care if her stuff is left behind? Do you want to see her again? Do you still care?

    I was in a similar situation. I just packed his stuff fKe him and dropped it off at this new place. End of that

    • Well of course i still care and i wouldn't mind seeing her again

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